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Catering For Corporate Events

Explore the exceptional catering service of Corrigan’s Butchers, specialising in barbecues and more for corporate events. 

We use charcoal for a natural and smoky flavour and grill all sorts of tasty foods, from juicy steaks to savoury burgers. Our many years of craft butcher’s experience ensure quality cuts from dry-aged burgers, eclectic wagyu burger to simple but tasty smash burgers.

Our versatile menu caters to all tastes and occasions, whether formal or casual. Trust our dedicated team to deliver delicious dishes with efficiency and style, making your event truly unforgettable.

Catering For Community Events & Gatherings

At Corrigan’s Butchers, we take pride in catering for community events, ensuring every gathering is a resounding success.

Whether it’s a neighbourhood barbecue, a charity fundraiser, or a local festival, our catering service is tailored to meet the unique needs of your event. From hearty burgers to delectable finger foods, our diverse menu offers something for everyone to enjoy.

With our commitment to quality ingredients and impeccable service, you can trust Corrigan’s Butchers to make your community event a memorable occasion for all who attend.

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Contact us on 086 816 2678 or email Jason at [email protected]

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